The Widow and The Wolf was written and drawn by @foleypdx.

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This day is over three years in the making.

I’ve been dreaming up this world, these characters, for so long. They’ve taken different forms. The story shifted and changed over time. But Fen and Eleanor were always meant for each other.

Some people just are.

I wanted to thank everyone who has followed this comic. Everyone who has taken time to read it, and in some cases, re-read it. Thank you to anyone who has ever left a comment, or reblogged (I read every tag), or rec’d this to a friend. It has meant the world to share this with you all.

And don’t worry… this isn’t goodbye.

Though this chapter may be over, there’s more in store for these characters.

Follow my main account, @foleypdx, to see what’s next.

– Foley

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